The 14th century marked the emergence of what we currently know as English. It attributes its origins to a number of dialects such as Late West Saxon and Old Norse. English language has a growth rate of one word per two hours. With this knowledge, it is evident that the English language prides in autonomy with a dazzling array of words being derived at the tick of the clock. This also makes the language a bit complex with many facts remaining unknown to scores of people, which is why even the native speakers still take grammar class or English courses. Imagine the trouble the non-native speakers have to go through. Below are 15 facts about English language you probably did not know.

1. Has it ever occurred to you that there exists a dot on top of letter ‘i’? If so, does it have a name? If you have never, then I am sure you are already asking. To keep you in the loop, it is called a ‘tittle’.

2. Is there any significant relationship between testify and testicles? You most likely are on it but going the wrong way. Maybe you ought to know that ‘testify’ was generated at the time when individuals were required to take oaths or rather swear on their testicles. So when you testify, you are as good as swearing on your testicles.

3. Only two words in English end with the suffix –gry. You can put a bet on this. In some instances, they have been subject to confusion. They are angry and hungry.

4. Did you know that ‘E’ is the most commonly used alphabetical letter with at least one out of eight words being a letter ‘e’

5. On the other hand, letter Q is the least used in English.

6. You probably come across two words ‘Bookkeeper’ and ‘Bookkeeping’ but perhaps it has never occurred to you that they are the only two words in English that have three successive double letters.

7. Did you know that ‘town’ is the oldest English word?

8. ‘Almost’ can just pass for any word but did you know it is the longest English word with its letters alphabetically arranged.

9. Have you at some point found yourself writing ‘dared’ as the past tense for ‘dare’? Oh no! You got it all wrong. You may consider replacing ‘dared’ with ‘durst’

10. Are you aware that ‘dreamt’ is the only English word that ends with ‘mt’

11. You possibly did not know that ‘strengths’ is the longest English word with just a single vowel.

12. In any spoken English conversation, it is evident that ‘I’ is commonly used.

13. Perhaps, you have never taken time to look at the first letters of the months between July and November. These letters combine to form the name ‘JASON’. You may consider giving your male child this name if he is born in any month within this bracket.

14. Only four English words end in the suffix –ous. They are tremendous, hazardous, stupendous and horrendous.

15. The English Dictionary has served a great role in helping with the mastery of Language but did you know that the first English dictionary was written in 1755 by Dr Johnson


Turning 21 isn’t the end of your problems, but the beginning of new problems. Yes, at 21, you’re allowed to order a giant fishbowl all to yourself, but that doesn’t imply that you can’t be arrested for public intoxication. And while you may be happy that your age allows you to drink your liver up, your bank account may not favor such a decision. Well, to cut it short, an introduction to adulthood only means there’s a lot to learn. And to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 15 things to do when you turn 21:


1. Ask your parents or anyone older for advice

You may have the internet, but your parents definitely know something Google is yet to discover; therefore, make good use of them while you still can.


2. Have a serious relationship

With the right person. You might have fooled around at 18, but at 21 you must at least have a relationship someone who truly understands you and, at the same time, believes in your dreams.


3. Know your limits, and respect them

In simple words, turning 21 suggests that you’re too grown to make your own decisions, including the tough ones. And getting persuaded by peer pressure or mass psychology is a something you leave for the underage–those below 21.


4. Read

At 21, don’t focus on reading to pass exams only, but read to empower yourself. A better way of doing this is getting that one book that completely motivates you, and then using it as your personal guide book.


A Champagne Cheers!

5. Drink but drink responsibly

Drinking to forget your problems at this age is strictly not recommended. Instead, face your problems and drink later to celebrate your victory.


6. Have fun

Well, the moment you turn 21, everyone around you will be like, “you need to get serious with your life”. But remember, we only live once, and having fun is an essential part of living responsibly. However, like earlier said, know your limits.


7. Be skilled in something

Getting a college degree or diploma is not enough to make you skillful. Go an extra mile and learn anything you need to know to be the advent in the field you’re in.


8. Get a friend you can completely trust

In life you must at least have that one person who’ll always have your back. This can be a friend or a spouse, but at 21 you must have an idea of whom to assign that position.


9. Start saving

If you haven’t been saving, then it’s high time you considered giving it a hard thought. The best way to do this is set a separate savings account; then, start depositing money in the account at regular intervals.



10. Get a job or be self employed

The onset of 21 brings new responsibilities. And getting something that brings you money is part of being responsible. Regardless of what you do, just get something that will make you a performing member of the society.


11. Spend more time with your family

Even though it’s exciting to become an adult and be recognized as one, you shouldn’t lose the sight of spending more time with your family. Remember, your parents are aging too and they’ll definitely not be there in your entire life time.


12. Get in shape

If you haven’t been working out, then 21 should come with a new plan of action–working out to stay healthy, and to slow down you aging speed.


13. Start developing a personal style

If you were used to putting on white t-shirts and vans, or buttery leather jackets with slick pair of glasses, then it’s high time you considered getting a personal style.


14. Learn something new

Learning something new, or anything that’s entirely out of your carrier path, will greatly help you to build your confidence–and believe me; your confidence level should be at peak when you turn 21.


15. Start living


Lastly, the moment you turn 21, you should start to enjoy life in its full length. As a matter of facts, don’t wait until you’re 30 to make the tough decisions. At 21, you’re more capable of making all the tough decisions a thirty year old can make. With that said, you can accomplish anything at 21; and the sooner you try, the better.


So you think that you know how to eat, just because you’ve been doing it since you were a baby? Well, you’re wrong. In fact, it’s quite surprising that you’ve managed to survive as long as you have!


Don’t despair though. Here’s a list of 15 foods you’ve been eating the wrong way, and how to set yourself right.


1. Pomegranates


These are tricky things, and it can be fiddly trying to scoop all the seeds out. Unless you do it the easy way. Slice the top off the pomegranate, then make incisions down the sides (stopping before you get to the bottom) to separate the fruit into six parts. Pull gently at the segments so they come apart slightly like a flower, then turn the pomegranate upside down and tap with a wooden spoon. All the seeds will fall out.


2. Kiwi

how to peel a kiwi with a spoon 3

Slicing and peeling a kiwifruit may seem intuitive, but it’s largely a waste of time. Just slice the top off and scoop the flesh out with a spoon.


3. Chicken wings

Here’s a great tip if you want to make sure you get the most out of your chicken wings. Pull the cartilage off the end and work the two bones out cleanly. You’re left with a skin wrapped piece of chicken that can be eaten easily and cleanly.


4. Take-out burritos/gyros/wraps


We all know what it’s like to take a bite out of a burrito and then find the rest of it sliding out on to the table (or lap). The easiest thing to do here is to leave it wrapped up in the foil it came in. Just peel it down as you eat it, and use the foil to protect your fingers and dignity.


5. Bananas

Admittedly, peeling bananas isn’t rocket science. But you can improve on the classic way of yanking down on the stem by turning the banana upside down and squeezing the bottom until it splits. The peel will come off nice and cleanly.


6. Cupcakes

It might look a bit strange, but if you slice the top off your cupcake and turn it over, you can smush the frosting between the top and the base. That leaves you with an easy to eat cupcake sandwich and avoids walking around for the rest of the day with frosting on your nose.


7. Vegetables in general


The way mom used to make vegetables was to stick them in a pot, cover them with water and then boil until soft, right? Unfortunately, mom was a bit off base with this one. The best way to keep all the taste and nutrients in your veggies is to steam them.


8. Strawberries


Strawberries look lovely when sliced and spread open, but it’s actually better to eat them whole. The vitamin C they contain will start to break down when exposed to air and light.


9. Corn on the cob


Buttering the whole thing may seem like a good idea, but it’s going to end up messy. Try just buttering a few rows at a time, you’ll find there’s less dripping.


10. Tacos


Hard shelled tacos are almost impossible to eat cleanly. Inevitably the shell will break at some point, sending the fillings cascading to the plate. Unless you wrap a soft taco around the shell. That will keep it together when cracks appear, but you still get that crunch.


11. Oranges


If you struggle to slice oranges then pull the flesh away from the skin, take heart. There is a solution. Slice the top and bottom off the orange, then make one cut all the way down the side. The orange should unroll, leaving an easily accessible set of wedges.


12. Apples

If you eat apples from the top down, rather than from the side, you won’t even notice the core. And that way you get much more apple for your buck!


13. Apples and peanut butter


On the subject of apples, who doesn’t like slices of apple with peanut butter? Nobody, that’s who. But it can be frustrating to have the peanut butter slide off your apple slice. Why not try coring the apple, and filling the center with the peanut butter. Then slice your apple into rounds, each with their own peanut butter core.


14. Take-out ketchup

You know those tiny paper cups that you get your ketchup in? See all the folds on the side? They look like that for a reason. The cup expands, giving you much more room to dip.


15. Vegemite


Just for fun, let’s finish up with that uniquely Australian food, Vegemite. This should NOT be loaded on to your bread like peanut butter. A thin, thin scrape is more than enough, and you may find that that takes the flavor from unbearably strong to just right.


Necessity is truly the mother of invention, and when hungry period knocks on the door financing and budgeting for meals can be particularly challenging. It is not everyone who is blessed with money, and for this reason, it calls for some smartness to survive during these economic harsh days. Actually, most people usually settle for ‘poor man’ foods, to try beat this problem. However, apart from the financial bit of it, ‘poor man’ foods are as well healthy, hence giving you an edge over those individuals who always think of fast foods. So do not let anyone despise you for eating ‘poor man’ foods. Tell them you are living healthy, and you know it.

On the other hand, you need to evade the tag “hungry man is an angry man”, and stock up various poor man foods, that will not actually ruin your wallet. Moreover, by doing so you will be able to have extra money to spend around with your friends, and most importantly avoid being the broke laughing stock among your peers. Nevertheless, here are some of the top 7 ‘poor man’ foods.




You can have eggs incorporated in all your three meals, a day. Moreover, you will only need to make few changes making it different and healthy. I know many people, if not all, have once tried this, and we actually need to call it ‘savior meal’.


Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes; this is a food of choice for many people, as it is one of the nature’s healing foods, and are high in protein. You can eat it in various forms, such as a baked potato sandwich, and many others. For example, when I talked to my mother last year, she had just completed eating a baked potato sandwich and I was like, “Damn, mum, even if you are Irish, but really?” You know what is even very Irish than a potato with a sandwich? Yes a sandwich without any potato.


Beans and Rice


You can try out beans and rice, as it costs next to nothing. More so, you will be saving that little money you never had. Another kind meal is, toast, and butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. Just put them in the oven, and broil it for few minutes. Yes, this is just the breakfast for champions.


Corned Beef Hash

Corned Beef Hash in a Frying Pan

Corned beef hash, mostly the poutine version. If am not wrong, many people have lived on that thing as a kid. We also have the three slices of bread, stacked together, with the outer ones toasted. Funny as it may sound, some people survived on that, a.k.a the ‘poverty’ sandwich.


Jam Sandwich


A jam sandwich, here you will just take slices of bread and then you jam them together. My parent used to refer to this as a “wish sandwich’ – take two slices and just wish you had something in between.




Noodles or rather spaghetti is also the best ‘poor man’ foods. Within few minutes, the food is ready, and you pretend to enjoy it. Another best ‘poor’ man food is mixing the Hormel chili with cheese and kraft mac. Moreover, it is readily available as you can always make it with leftover and a small tray of the typical frozen traders Joe’s mac.




Last but not the least, there is toast covered in white gravy, coupled with meat pieces in it. Going by the street lingo, shit on a shingle (SOS), can be made using dried chipped beef or hamburger.


So, you got accepted to the college of your third choice? Congratulations! Now is the time to ask mom to teach you how to work the washing machine, to sew the buttons on your shirt, and to learn how to cook. Believe it or not, the average college kid does not survive on take out alone. Besides, you need to save your money for all the beer you’re going to be drinking. Here are 10 meals you should master before heading off to college:


1. Cheese and red wine


Having slices of cheese and a glass of red wine is a complete meal in itself. It may sound fancy and unsatisfying but having these things in your pantry could save you from starvation. Wine under 10$ isn’t hard to find. If you’re not drinking it, you can use it to cook other things. You should have a stock of the three basic cheeses in your pantry, too; Mozzarella, cheddar, and parmesan.


2. Grilled ham and cheese


You don’t need an actual grill for this, Einstein. Fry or microwave your ham. Wipe off the excess grease. Sprinkle some mozzarella and cheddar on a slice of bread. Put your ham on top of the cheese and cover it with another slice of bread. Toast your sandwich in a frying pan while pressing it with a spatula. Turn your sandwich over and do the same when the cheese is a bit melted. Not satisfied? How does a whooping 40 grilled cheese sandwich recipes sound?


3. A good bowl of chili


A bowl of chili isn’t that hard to make. You can make a lot in one pot. Sautee your onions, garlic, and celery in the pot for about 2 minutes. Throw in some diced tomatoes, 2 glasses of water, and tomato paste. Open a can of black beans and throw it in. Add some ground beef and about 1/4 bottle of beer. Drink the rest of the beer. Salt and pepper to taste.


4. Spaghetti and meatballs


This is where you put your red wine to work. Boil your pasta with some salt and oil. Chop some garlic and onions and add them to your ground beef. Season with salt and pepper and roll them into balls. Put some olive oil into your pot and slightly cook the meatballs until brown. Take out the meatballs and do the same steps as the chili minus the beans and the beer. Put the meatballs back in and add about 1/4 cup of red wine. Drink the rest of the wine. Put your pasta in a shallow bowl and pour some spaghetti sauce and some meatballs on it. Sprinkle the top with parmesan cheese.


5. Banana and nutella sandwich


This is perfect for the times when you’re running late. Cut banana into small slices. Slather bread with nutella and put bananas on top. Cover with another slice of bread. Voila! Instant sugar rush!


6. Bacon and eggs


Fry eggs. Fry bacon. Seriously.


7. A healthy omelette


Whisk two eggs and cook them in low heat. Sautee some asparagus and tomatoes and put them on top of the egg. Sprinkle some mozzarella before closing the egg.


8. Bacon and peanut butter sandwich


Fry Bacon. Make peanut butter sandwich. Put bacon inside sandwich.


9. Mashed Potatoes


Peel potatoes and boil. Drain water, add butter, and start mashing potatoes. Salt and pepper to taste.


10. A can of tuna


This will save you when you’re on a tight budget and very hungry. Buy instant rice and follow directions. Sautee onions and tomatoes until onions are caramelized. Throw in tuna (including the oil) and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Top your instant rice with cooked tuna.

Good luck and keep learning!